Patti Soldavini


This interview was conducted with Olive on February 5, 2011 at her home in New Jersey.

On being beautiful: It’s true. Life is much easier. People are drawn to me like flies to lawn cigars. It’s a little awkward though when it’s clear to everyone that I am much cuter than they are.

Favorite quote: The early bird gets eaten.

Life Philosophy: Never stand still.

Favorite Songs: “Born to Run” and “Chasing Cars”

Favorite Movies: “Where the Red Fern Grows” (the original), “Frankenweenie,” “Fido,” and “Hachi”

Human Peeve: Pet Peeves

Skills: Able to leap tall objects in a single bound. Also able to lick the bottom of the kitchen sink from a standing position.

Favorite Photographer: You’re kidding right? Wegman.

Keeps Me Up at Night: Coyotes howling, birds on my lawn, birds in my trees, birds on my television, birds in my dreams

Human Companion: Spoils me rotten. I have her wrapped around my paw. Easy to train.

Favorite Author: Thurber

Watch: The Dog Whisperer, figure skating, Animal Planet, weim videos on youtube, dog shows, really, anything with dogs in it

Licks: Stones, concrete, ice, myself

  1. It’s a dog’s life. 🙂

  2. Cuteness is a curse. You’re a charmer, Olive. ( Anyone who reads Thurber….and such a great “favorite quote”) Enjoy your posts.

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