Patti Soldavini

Olive’s Haiku

In  her spare time, Olive has begun writing Haiku poems which she would like to share with the readers of her blog. For those unfamiliar with Haiku, it is a form of Japanese poetry characterized by 17 syllables expressed on three lines: 5/7/5.

Thunder bursts through air/lighting bolts zap the groundhogs/i smell air biscuits

Endless holes of dirt/soil fairies scream with delight/chocolate milk sings

Carpenter bees scream/the sky runs away from them/it smells like honey

Oatmeal raisin birds/the squirrel stank up my pen/I think I have gas

Hawks fly above me/the sunlight hurts my light eyes/I wish I had thumbs

I see old plump elves/the reindeers look quite hungry/there’s nowhere to hide

Humans are quite odd/why don’t they poop in the yard/this isn’t so hard

I think I’m dreaming/acres of fields call my name/everything is green

It is coming soon/pheasants playing outside/think I have an itch

Birds dangle from the red sky/chocolate eggs scream for help/there goes a fat cat

Oh stinkbug, stinkbug/brown shields advance upon us/carpet meets vacuum

I dream of lost tails/blue feathers drift over land/could I be the rocketeer?

Two little pigs fly/bacon raindrops melt straw homes/the big bad wolf cries

  1. She’s a very good poet too!

  2. Look at that snout! So cute. I miss her.

  3. Awesome!! Olive is quite the lyricist

  4. Oh, Olive. Elegance in words. (I want to live in your world…but will be happy just reading about it!)

  5. I just love Haiku and just did a lesson with the kids at school. How great that your gifted dog is now writing it, too. I read it to Sky. She was inspired to write one to Olive.

    Sky loves bacon, too/chewie stick, smelly hoof, woof/feed me lots of love


  6. Very nice sweet Olive. We like your idea of writing Haiku poems we look forward to reading them as you write and post them. Hugs and nose kisses

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