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In dogs, humor, pets, weimaraners, writing on 06/11/2011 at 10:39 am

"I see dead STICKS!"

Late Thursday night, when I took Olive out after the thunderstorm, we barely made it out of the garage before she begins barking like a banshee and shrinking back from something she obviously finds threatening. I squint my astigmatic eyes and step out a few feet to trigger the motion sensor lights. I do a quick visual scan of the front yard and there it is. While I am always afraid of coming face to face with a bear, the intruder that Olive is barking at is…a leafy bough that has fallen from the tree and lays like a beached Blue Whale on the front lawn. This dog has a gestalt mind; always recognizing “things out of their place.” I sigh with relief, grateful that I don’t have to protect my pooch and myself from being used as a toothpick and then torn apart and eaten by one of the American black bears that have already been roaming the neighborhood like zombies. However, Olive will not stop barking until I have confronted the motionless interloper. I walk out to the middle of the yard to retrieve the “Creature from The Black Lagoon,” dragging Olive behind me on her flexi-leash. It’s one of the few times it’s not unspooling like an off-track rollercoaster. She continues to bark intermittently as she charges forward, sideways and backward as if she’s as animated checker on a checkerboard, changing her mind instantaneously and repeatedly before making a definitive move. Olive is incredibly agile, executing 180-degree turns in fast forward (and reverse) with the grace of famous French trapeze artist Jules Leotard. It is funny to watch. “FOR GOD’S SAKE OLIVE, IT’S ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE THINGS. A STICK. AND IT HAS MULTIPLE HEADS.” For emphasis I add, “IT IS THE OCTOPUS OF STICKS!” I drag the bough across the lawn and driveway and place it next to the garbage can. It will probably stay there a week before I feel like cutting it apart to dispose of it. Olive runs over to inspect the captured prey, cautiously sniffing it. By the third sniff, she sinks her teeth into the injured branch. “HAPPY?” I ask Olive. She ignores me as the sawdust starts flying.

  1. HA! Ellie is the exact same way about noticing & barking at things that are out of place. Must be a Weim thing. Does Olive sleep like a person, under the covers with her head on the pillow?

    • Once or twice in the middle of the day, I’ll catch her napping on the bed with her head between both pillows, but she sleeps in her well-appointed crate at night, curled up like a little deer, never making a sound until I greet her in the morning. She loves her crates. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I’ll go downstairs and she’s standing in her crate “tidying up.” She’s got one 48″ crate on each of the 3 levels of the house mostly because they are too big and heavy for me to move. There’s no doubt though that much of weims behavior is very human-like.

  2. This was a great post and funny.

  3. Way to keep your human on her toes Olive,…er something like that.

  4. uh-oh. ;>) Yes, my overprotective pooch…who has an overprotective human companion. Made for each other!

  5. This was an absolute blast to read! I love how Olive is so sure it is a threat! Funny how protective pups are even when it is not a threat at all. : ) Miss Stella is currently going through a similar situation except I cannot drag the threat to the curb!

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