Patti Soldavini

Weimaraner Alarm System

In dogs, humor, lifestyle, pets, weimaraners, writing on 07/07/2012 at 11:00 am

“Is someone making an UNAUTHORIZED entrance?

I bit the bullet and purchased a home security system. As a back-up to Olive. That’s right, my baritoned barker is my primary alarm system. And she’s damn good. If any human, rodent, transportation vehicle or other form of nature comes even close to our home, I hear a very comforting “WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF.” That’s the “There’s something approaching the perimeter of our house and you need to come take a look” bark. If the object is very close to our house or if it’s something out of the ordinary like a truck parked in the front or a bear walking out back, the bark becomes louder, more sustained and close to a siren-like howl. “WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF.” This is Olive’s version of the goofy robot in the old sci-fi TV comedy “Lost in Space,” who routinely warned “Danger. Will Robinson. Danger.” To a stranger, I imagine Olive’s bark would sound quite intimidating. When I approach Olive to see what she’s observing, she runs toward me like a three-year old as if to say, “SEE. SEE MOMMY. I TOLD YOU SOMETHING WAS THERE.” And then once I observe the situation and confirm there is no danger, I calmly walk away and Olive, who has usually stopped barking by this time, looks up at me with an expression that says. “THAT’S IT? ARE YOU SURE?” So actually, the new expensive home security system is to protect Olive. The funny thing is, the system has accidently “trained” Olive. At night now, when I set the alarm before going to bed and it beeps multiple times before the Stepford-wife voice announces “Alarm Set, Stay,” Olive immediately goes into her crate in the bedroom to go to sleep. I kid you not. It has also trained her to recognize an authorized vs. an unauthorized entry into the house. For example, prior to having the security system, Olive would walk into her crate downstairs, I’d shut the door and leave. No drama upon my leaving or re-entering the house. Now, it’s different. I notice that when I’ve set the alarm and return to the house and de-activate it before entering, she’s fine. No barking. However (and it’s happened a few times now), when I don’t set the alarm because I’m only out for 15-20 minutes, upon my return, as I pull the car into the garage, I can hear her barking her head off. Because she doesn’t hear the beeping and robo-voice upon my entering the garage, somehow she recognizes it as an unauthorized entry. It makes my head hurt just trying to figure this out. Geez, this dog is too smart for her own good. Now, if only I could get her to take the garbage out. Without eating it.

  1. Good job sweet Olive…you are amazingly smart. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. It’s interesting how Olive has adapted to the alarm system. Also, tall person says thank you for the mention of “Lost in Space” – he loved that series and will now see if he can find some episodes to watch 🙂

  3. My First Weimaraner (Chuck) would bark during Daylight Hours….But if something happened at Night, he would come and Wake me Pawing me or Head Butting me. Not making a Sound one Night he woke me, I grabbed my Gun and followed him. He went straight to a Window were someone had broken the screen and was reaching inside and had the Window half way up. Chuck grabbed a hold of this guys arm. All without barking or making a Sound. The guy was able to break free, but in doing so his arm got torn up. I let Chuck out the Door and he caught up to the guy and bit and held him till the Police arrived. I have found when they are Quite and agitated something is very Wrong.

    • Good to know. They are scary smart aren’t they? I’ve had other dogs before and none was like Olive. Weimaraners are like humans inhabiting a dog’s body.

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