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In dogs, humor, lifestyle, pets, weimaraners, writing on 11/29/2012 at 9:49 am

“I’m an INSTIGATOR???”

Yesterday, Olive and I went to visit Blue, the “celebridog” made famous by local author Kim Kavin in her new book, “Little Boy Blue,” and Blue’s new companion Ginger, another rescue dog. While Olive is always well-behaved, she is quite rambunctious. I’ve said this many times before; she literally thunders through the house like a small antelope during mating season. And while she has a very sweet, loving temperament and is always eager to please, her level of exuberance cannot be matched even on the Richter scale. I love this about her because it is such an innocent manifestation of her joy simply to be alive, and be a dog. In some ways, it is a reminder about how we might live our own lives; to be happy, have fun and live in the present. But sometimes, Olive’s exuberance makes her a little instigator – thrusting and parrying with other dogs, nipping at their ears and necks in an effort to get them to chase her. It can be a little intimidating to any dog who is a bit fearful or submissive and it doesn’t help when Olive starts to vocalize. It sounds like a cross between a low, sustained growl and a trilling and sounds I admit, a bit intimidating. While I am confident that she wouldn’t hurt the other dog, the other dog doesn’t know that, so I always go on high alert when Olive starts to “sing” like a frustrated loon. I’m actually afraid that Olive is going to get bit one day while playing this “game.” But luckily, on this day, with Blue whom Olive knows, and the more cautious Ginger who she met for the first time, Olive was very playful. While Kim and I chatted, Olive, Blue and Ginger raced around the fenced-in snow-covered backyard like three first-graders who were just told that school was cancelled for the day. While I sat inside, the thought did occur to me, “This is great. Olive gets to play with other dogs and run around and I don’t have to stand outside at the dog park and freeze.” About an hour after we arrived, my often predictable dog goes to the front door of the house and barks repeatedly. This is Olive’s way of signaling that she wants to leave – and probably eat. She is quite clear about her needs and expressing them, more so than most people. “LET’S GO. I WANT TO EAT NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW.” “Well, I guess we’re leaving because my little wolverine has to eat.” To learn more about Blue and his story, you can check out his Facebook page and order Kim’s book here.

  1. Blue and Ginger LOVE Olive! She is welcome to come over and play anytime 🙂

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