Patti Soldavini

Revenge of The Insects

In dogs, humor, lifestyle, pets, weimaraners, writing on 04/20/2012 at 5:19 pm

"I think I see a BEE."

The insects have begun their seasonal invasion. The ticks are back. I’ve picked a tick off Olive’s daintily veined ear and pink undercarriage twice this week. I’ve also picked one off the back of my head. Gross. The carpenter bees are also back, buzzing back and forth across the deck, occasionally hovering in one spot like a helicopter above a rescue target at sea. Olive has taken notice of these plump, fuzzy, wood-chomping bees. She jumps up, opens her mouth, and tries to snatch them in mid-air. Because the male carpenter bees are stingerless (ouch!), they don’t present any danger to Olive so I happily just watch her eyeball them and lunge after one when it strafes her. She hasn’t caught one yet, but I’m betting she will soon. Then it will be interesting to see what she does with it. Will she spit it out when she feels it bouncing off her molars? Will she just swallow it whole like a velvet kibble? Or will she let it drop from her mouth and then start inquisitively pawing at it until it’s lying there dismembered and covered in spittle? I’m betting it’s going to be number one or number three. “LOOK OLIVE, HERE COMES A WHOLE BATTALION OF CARPENTER BEES!”

  1. My childhood dog used to like catching bees. Even after being stung after a couple times and looking like she had mumps, she still did it.

    • My previous dog, the beloved Idgy got stung once and her whole face swelled up. I freaked because I thought, “What if she is allergic to bee stings? How would I know that?” They gave her a cortsione shot and she was fine.

  2. Yes, the ticks are back. Tall person found one beneath Barnaby’s chin – gross!

  3. Ha, I can sympathize. When I was a kid, bees had made a hive in our chimney. They way we found out was they kept coming in our living room, and our dog kept eating them! Finally the pest control came and took care of them! Hope everything works out.

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