Patti Soldavini

Squirrel Breakfast Sampler

In dogs, humor, lifestyle, pets, weimaraners, writing on 06/08/2012 at 7:03 am

“Hey Rodent, here I come!”

Olive had squirrel for breakfast this morning. Well, almost. She came within a fur’s breadth of enjoying a nice gamey meal. As I opened the sliding glass door to let her out of the house, she shot over the threshold and across her pen with the speed of a rocket-propelled torpedo. The lazy, arrogant, stupid, or just careless rodent almost didn’t make it out of Olive’s pen. It frantically zig zagged across the lawn and scurried up the chain link fence. Olive was racing behind the squirrel, kicking up mud while she tracked it to the end of the fence and then opened her mouth and snapped at its quite furry grey tail just as it crested the top rail. Olive was so close, that I was simultaneously stunned and grateful that she did not turn around with it dangling from her mouth by its tail like a bowling trophy. I wasn’t in the mood to beat it to death with a miniature steel shovel because it bit Olive. As Olive trots back empty mouthed, I do feel badly for her. I wonder if this makes her feel unfulfilled. In my ignorant home sapien manner, I try to ease her disappointment by praising her: “GOOD GIRL OLIVE. YOU CHASED THE STUPID RODENT AWAY. I THINK THAT ONE WAS PAST ITS EXPIRATION DATE. GOOD THING YOU LET IT GO.”

  1. I am sure Olive understood and appreciated your technical consolation about the squirrel’s shelf life 🙂

  2. The German here: “Ever vigilant, Olive. Secretly I worry they are after our outdoor toys – you just never know…they have shifty eyes…”

  3. My ‘Gus’ had a Collection of Tails…n half tails… eventually the Squirrels Figured out the sound of the back door. And what was a Safe Distance…When I Trained him for Hunting, I had to Teach him Not to Snap a them…just tree them.

    • I’ve already plucked a baby bird from Olive’s mouth…it was unhurt. Just covered in saliva and shaken up. She’s also caught a moth and then opened her mouth and it flew out. That made me laugh out loud; like I was watching a cartoon. I can tell that Olive would probably be an excellent hunting dog; the way she tracks and points at birds all the time.

  4. Was the squirrel half chipmunk/half squirrel. If so…he has been around for awhile.Go get him Olive!

  5. Not a good thing to eat squirrels sweet Olive so we are happy to hear you let it go. They can be fun to chase but not to eat. Hugs and nose kisses

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