Patti Soldavini

Goodbye Sweet Princess

In weimaraners on 07/11/2020 at 10:42 am


Dear Olive

I can’t even type your name without bursting into tears.

For however many days I will be here without you, I will love you like the leaves love being caressed by the wind. I will hold you in my heart for the rest of my days, no less than I hold all the humans I love in my heart.

In the coming months and years, I will endeavor to recall all our good memories; our adventures together, and how we enriched each other’s lives. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for always making me laugh with your very human-like expressions and behavior. Thank you for making me more open to people. Thank you for tolerating all the photography sessions—both formal and informal—to capture your beauty, your grace, and your sense of humor. Thank you for being the beta to my alpha—even though you barely passed puppy kindergarten because of your natural inquisitiveness and exuberance—but went on to pass all your other classes, even earning your Canine Good Citizen designation. Thank you for protecting me with your powerful and intimidating bark. Little would any trespassers know that you would most likely lick them to death. Thank you for all this and so much more.

It doesn’t escape me that I chose you. You didn’t have the opportunity to choose me.

I chose to love you, to be responsible for you and to give you a good life. This was never more apparent to me than when your breeder required that I fill out an extremely detailed evaluation form that included the question: “What are your plans and goals for the dog?” My response was: “for the dog to be well-trained for its own safety and my peace of mind, to have opportunities to engage with other people and other dogs, to have opportunities to play, and to be happy, feel safe and loved.” I believe I fulfilled what at first was an obligation, but really was a privilege of the most extraordinary kind.

You were the most magnificent dog. I am so grateful that I got to be your companion and guide in this life—and to be with you in good times and bad—and especially at the end. I could never be anyplace else but at your side.

I always knew this day would come. I knew it would be heartbreaking. I didn’t expect it to be this painful. I am grateful for every single moment I had with you. Goodbye my sweet princess. Until we meet again…

Love, Patti








  1. I am so so sorry. I came upon your blog six years ago when we were considering adopting a young Weim. It made know we were making the right choice and were in for an adventure. 🙂 I now have three and volunteer for our local Weim rescue. Thank you for sharing the love and the crazy 🌈💔

    • Thank you. I fell in love with breed after falling head over heels for Olive. Happy Olive’s blog helped you become a weim fan. I am considering fostering rescue weims in the future. I’m getting older and am not sure it would be fair to have such a high energy breed permanently. Fostering rescues might be the right future path for me.

      • There are so many really great ones. I am in NorCal. Then we have another in So Cal. I also follow most the big ones like Grayter Good, Lifeline and Senior Moments. There is a tremendous need and IMO it helps with the loss. It sounds like she was your Heart Dog. Something that can never be replaced but always treasured. Best to you.

      • Lifeline in Tampa? They are an awesome organization. They do a great job telling the dog’s stories on Facebook. The Pollo story broke my heart.

      • Yes! I still follow Josh. 🙂

  2. Romp on paradise, sweet precious weim❤

  3. Dear Patti,

    I’m so sorry you’ve lost your beautiful Olive. I started reading your adventures 8yrs ago when we got our weim Buckley. Olive sounds perfect! I’m so glad you got her as your faithful friend for all these years with so many happy memories.

    Best wishes,

    Sarah E

  4. Olive was a sweet and beautiful girl- from her long super model legs to her slightly deranged eyes. I hope she’s in heaven playing with Oliver and I hope he’s being nicer to her than he was here on earth.

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